The Desert Chronicles

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We are proud to present you our first MeanGummyLizard Kickstarter Project.

Two Brothers, lots of ideas, Blender and a Ender Crealty 3D printer. All for wargaming and tabletop. Let the wars begin…..

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We all have been searching for suitable add ons, greebles and whole buildings for one setting or the other. To us it was quite frustrating to find anything for SciFi, especially something with a desert feeling. Fortunately, our ideas were plenty and a 3D printer easy to get.

Since we want to spend our time playing and painting we made the parts as modular as possible. It is great fun to randomly print walls and roofs and just see what you can make of it.

We printed ALL our files. Corrected them when necessary and assembeled buildings. WE want to play with them so they have to work. 

Our files are made to run on the most basic printers. We used an Ender Crealty and we don`t show you any details or structures that don`t print! You get what you see!

YOU can get those files too! 
Design your own little outpost, midsized desert fortress or formidable base with landing pad, laser cannons, generators and fortifications.


Basic Settlement Pack 

Already includes enough parts to make small and midsized buildings. No greebles or more elaborate structures

Counselor Pack

Includes all the files from the previous pack plus 70 more files! With this pack you can build large complexes and connect the buildings with a desert style wall with arcs. Includes the greebles which give the buildings their fascinating feeling. Pipes and cylinders give life and purpose to the scenery.

Example what we made with the Counselor Pack

Mayor Settlement Pack

All the fancy stuff you need to build a strong outpost in the desert. Comes with defence walls, a tower, landing pad, various containers for ammunition and goods and power generating reactors.

It includes a double barreled laser cannon and a radar dish to shoot down enemy ships. Also small personal defense walls with gun holes to guard tracks and gates.

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