How to create an awesome Rust and Paint chipping Effect

Out there are a lot of paint colors and methods to create rust on surfaces.

Here we show you a quick and easy method to create an easy and awesome rust and paint chipping effect to give your rpg wargaming or diorama models the used look you are looking for.

There is no need for any special paint or effect paint nor any special color.
All you need is:

  • standard primer
  • Metallic color or any color you want to have as base coat
  • brown, orange, red paint for the rust
  • Hairspray
  • Salt (flakes or fine grain)
  • top coat of your choice

At first just do the standard priming thingy, after the usual watching the paint drying add the metallic color or any color you choose as base coat.

Now use some brown, orange and red to mix some good looking rust. Place the rusty color wherever you think your model should have rust.

Now you need the Hairspray and apply it to the parts of the model wherever you want to have the rust or paint chipping. You can spray it on your model or put some Hairspray into a cup or glass or on a cardboard and use a brush to apply the Hairspray.
Pick up some Salt between your fingers and spread it on the parts of the model wherever the rust or the paint chipping should show up.

Like in the image above, the model is now very salty ;). It is time now to apply your top coat.
In our case it is just a simple white.

It is very important that your paint is dry as hell.
After watching the paint dry, pick some tools with a small tip and carefully remove the salt. Your result should look now very rusty with chipped paint.

You can add some thin brown-orange-red paint like a Wash to make the rust effect stronger.

Have fun and try out this really easy effect. If you have questions or suggestions leave a comment.
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