We create files that really work!

We don`t just Blender things. ALL our files have been printed and assembled to give you the real stuff you are looking for. Files that really print! We know the frustration when you finally found a file which exactly satisfies your craving and then you realize that even black magic won`t get the result you expected. In many cases that is because what you expect is what you saw and what you saw never was born by a 3D Printer but stayed for ever in a software like Blender. You can make fantastic designs in Blender, no doubt but printing is totally different form pure designing. While designing you need to know what the capabilities of your printer are. What the technical limits are in general and what the specific limits of your Printer are. We design, we print, we assemble and prime and paint

We wipe out any mistake occurring during the process by checking and changing and checking again. Our aim is not to give you good files you like. We want you to call your mom at 3am and tell her with tears in your eyes how delighted you are that you finally found somebody. Guys with files that are really easy to work with, that really print when you push the button. Files that print exactly what you expected.

For a more “animated” Version, check out our YouTube channel

The pictures below shall give you a brief overview of how we do things here.

First we design with blender

Then we convert the design into a printable file

The printer we use is a Creality D Ender 3 one of the cheapest model available, to make sure our files even work on the most basic printer. Now available for even less than 200$

We print, assemble and paint what we design to make absolutely sure IT WORKS!

And of course we can`t help it but play with our models

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